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Discover your ties to the First Nation Peoples of the Caribbean through genealogy, cultural history, and modern DNA testing.

Atunwa Inaru

Preserving the past for future generations

Welcome! Thank you for visiting C.O.N.C.H. – the Council of Native Caribbean Heritage – a nonprofit genealogical organization representing the Caribbean heritage of the Taino Nation. As a premier informational online resource, C.O.N.C.H. serves as a comprehensive, educational tool that is meant to be used and shared by everyone. We focus on the genealogical history of the First Nations of the Caribbean. Through the use of traditional genealogy and modern genetic genealogy, we seek to raise awareness within our people while fostering a sense of community throughout the various tribal groups in the Caribbean region.

Did you know?

There are over 200 tribes that call the Caribbean their home!

A message from Dr. Juan R. Aviles Morales, MD

Raising public awareness using genealogy to undo the paper genocide orchestrated to erase our existence, the modern-day First Nation Peoples of the Caribbean. Get the facts and share them widely. Become a partner with the Council of Native Caribbean Heritage (C.O.N.C.H.) in educating the public on this critical, historical, and modern-day issue.

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Download graphics and visuals to post on your social platform(s) using the #WeStillExist and #JustSayDNA hashtags to increase knowledge about the paper genocide and the heritage of indigenous Caribbean communities.

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