The Indigenous Archive of the Caribbean is a one of a kind project that seeks to index documents that list the descendants of the Caribbean's indigenous communities and heritage. Official documents that provide demographic information such as birth, marriage, military, and/or death records that list individuals as either Mestizo, Pardo, Trigueno, and/or Indio in the Spanish Colonies, or Indian in the English/French speaking colonies. Such terms are synonymous with being a descendant of the First Nation Peoples of the Caribbean. Individuals who encounter documents that demonstrate an indigenous Caribbean lineage from the Caribbean islands of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Virgin Islands are welcome to forward such documents to our organization so we may upload them to the archive. We seek to have a collection of documents for each island in the Caribbean that the First Nation Peoples of the region have inhabited. Our focus at the moment will be for documents from the mid-19th to early 20th centuries.


This project aims to be an archive that people can use for research for their own genealogy.

Currently the archive is in its infancy but, in time, it will grow and it will take the participation from the public to help us increase the number of documents in the archive. This archive will be made available to the public for free for research and educational purposes. We seek to provide evidence of the continuity of the 200+ tribes that call the Caribbean their home and counter the narrative that we are extinct. Remember to use the hashtags #WeStillExist and #JustSayDNA to educate your friends and followers about this critical issue.


The Indigenous Archive Project logo consists of a tree that represents our family lineage. The roots are grounded in the tradition of the Taino, with the Taino symbols at the base of the roots signifying our ties to the First Nation Peoples of the Caribbean. This project aims to be an archive that people can use for research for their own genealogy.

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Did you know?

The words we use today originated from the Taino language. Here's a few to ponder: