Indigenous Archive Project

We seek to create an expansive Indigenous archive of genealogical records that identify our Caribbean heritage in official documents.

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GEDmatch Ancestor Project

We seek to assist others in connecting with their ancestral roots through powerful software applications that allow the individual to compare their DNA to samples obtained from ancient remnants.

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Taino DNA & Genealogy

We seek to “certify” ancestral trees that demonstrate an individual is a direct descendant of the Taino through the review of official documents submitted by applicants.

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Condor Eagle Project

Intertribal exchanges are a cornerstone of our mission. We encourage all activities that foster unity amongst the various Tribes in the Caribbean.

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College of Native Caribbean Heritage

Supporting a much-needed college education for individuals and tribes in the Native Caribbean community.

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Konaow’ Adahi Society

We seek to provide opportunities to share knowledge in the use of traditional medicine through the identification of common benefits of plants within the region.

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Did you know?

The words we use today originated from the Taino language. Here's a few to ponder: